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Our History
Gauke Healthcare Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, located in Tuanfeng town, Huanggang city, Hubei Province, known as one of the most important hinterlands of Wuhan city, the famous thoroughfare of nine provinces. Gauke is a professional manufacturer, mainly dealing with the middle, top level of first aid kit and healthcare products. The company equipped with the standard dust free workshop, air and water quality management system, a series of production equipment, process technologies and analytical instruments and apparatus. It owns a comfortable office environment. There are a batch of high-quality professional management personnel. It is an integrated company in R & D, production and sales. Our products are very popular with more than 20countries and regions abroad and home.
We adhere to the production concept “Based on the human’s life, lgain time, cherish life”, focus the industrial intelligence to create a healthy and safe future with heart together.
Our Factory
One set of first aid kit is consisting of hundreds of different items. Many of manufactures are just collecting them from different sources for assembling. It cannot avoid the quality difference in batch production. We are manufacturing over 90% of them; meanwhile we are fully integrated in production from materials to final packing and sterilizing. We therefore are capable to keep consistent in quality and competitive in price.
For quality management
1.It is principle to fully carry out all systems of ISO13485
2.According to the established system, to collect and study the latest international and locative Norms and make sure to design products accordingly. Only by the correct designing, can the qualified products be produced.
3.beside internal controlling, let the third inspection party to validate the products systemically
Our Product
First aid kit for automobiles and working site
High visibility warning vest meet EN ISO 20471 Class II
Surgical gauze and bandages meet EN14079
Product Application
Medical device, personal protective equipment
Our Certificate
EN ISO13485, CE, FDA, EN ISO20471
Production Equipment
Ultrasonic heating sealing machines, auto folding machines of non woven sponges, Sewing machines and so on
Production Market
It was approved by 15 years consitinues checking and testing in lot that Our KFZ first aid kit can really meet DIN13164. Others can only make something looks like meet DIN or can only pass samples testing.
At same time of keeping high quality, our price is very competitive.
Our main market is Europe, UK, USA, Canada
Our capacity per month is 600000 sets of first aid kit. For first order by quantity 1x40HC, we can delivery in 4 weeks after confirming packing and printing. for repeat order, we can delivery in 3 weeks.
For purchasing quantity over 40HC, 5% discount.
For payment in advance before production, 2% discount
Beside container load, we can also ship by pallet to small customers.wholesale Small Portable Travel First Aid Kit

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